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Unity's Philosophy

Prayer and Meditation

Unity's Philosophy

 Unity teachings are based on universal spiritual principles that run like a thread through the world’s religions. These are laws that seem to govern humankind no matter where we live, how we view the Divine, or even whether we are aware these principles exist. They have been expressed in many ways through thousands of years, but the essence of them are the 5 Basic Unity Principles. 



Prayer and Meditation

Unity's Philosophy

Board of Directors:

President: Michael Wright

Vice President: Sue Phillips

Treasurer: Roderick  Bohannan 

Secretary: Crystal Headley

Angela Summers

Carol Wellman

Larry Fitzgerald (alternate)

Cynthia Sandberg (alternate)

Minster of Music:  

Rev. Michael Everett Davis

Youth Ministry:

Debbie Coyle


Prayer and Meditation

Prayer and Meditation

Prayer and Meditation

The Unity approach to prayer is affirmative, based on positive prayers and affirmations that have universal appeal. Affirmative prayer is the highest form of creative thought. It includes the release of counterproductive, negative thoughts, as well as holding in mind statements of spiritual truth. Through meditation, we experience the presence of God. Prayer and meditation heighten our awareness and thereby transform our lives.  

You can call 317-638-3423 for a recorded prayer. 

1-816-969-2000 for 24/7 live prayer line through Silent Unity.

Unity Worldwide Ministries offers a 24/7 prayer line. 

Unity's 5 Basic Principles


 1. God is all there is, present everywhere, and absolute good. .

 2. Human beings are created in the image of God and our very essence is divine; therefore, we are inherently good. 

3. We create our life experiences through our way of thinking. 

 4. Our lives can be changed and transformed through the power of prayer. 

 5. Knowing these principles is not enough; we must live the truth we know.